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About the group

  The Buxton Group was founded in 1991 by Trevor Gilman, at a time when The Crescent had been standing empty for a considerable period, and had fallen into a serious state of disrepair.
The Buxton Group, with the help of a petition signed by over a thousand people, and presented to Parliament by the then MP, Charles Hendry, brought the situation to attention, and with the help of money from English Heritage the building was at least made watertight and secure.
The Buxton Group have since been involved with the restoraration of Turner's Memorial, the project to restore the Pavilion Gardens to it's Victorian splendour, and the restoration of the Taylor (or Children's) Well.
We constantly monitor planning applications and comment on the local plan and traffiv improvement schemes.

The Buxton Group meet every month, on a Wednesday evening, at the Old Hall Hotel. If you are interested in finding out more about the group, contact the Chairman, Joanne Hibbert on (01298) 27526, or the Teasurer, David Morten at davidmorten@talktalk.net.

Past Projects

Since we started, the Buxton Group have instigated several projects to improve the appearance and well being of the town, amongst these being The Children's Well at the top end of Spring Gardens and a mural behind the Crecent (since removed in preparation for the work to start)

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